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Fran Zartman, of Sunbury, recieves ashes from Rev. Robin Jarrell, of St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, in celebration of Ash Wednesday in Cameron Park in Sunbury on March 5, 2014.

Isaiah Porter and Gracie Potter, fourth graders, watch as the "Matter Monsters" grow in their cups during the Science Explorers program at Chief Shikellamy Elementary School in Sunbury on November 4, 2015.

Libby Hostetler, of Mifflinburg, floats in an inner tube with her daughter Quincey, 5, in her lap at Liberty Splashland in Northumberland on August 17, 2015.

Tanner Zimmerman, 10, of New Berlin, laughs while encouraging his turtle "Big Joe" during a race against Cameron Roush with her turtle "Cashew" and Mike Mattocks with his turtle "Speedy" during the 51st Annual Turtle Derby in New Berlin on July 4, 2015. Zimmerman won the tournament.

Allison Keister, of Millmont, and Luke Rokavec, 10, of New Berlin, watch their turtles "Butterfly" and "Batman" during the 51st Annual Turtle Derby in New Berlin on July 4, 2015. Rokavec went on to take second place in the tournament.

Heart performed in front of over one thousand at Spyglass Ridge Winery in Sunbury on June 28, 2015.

Keenan Silks-Hunselman, 8 of Sunbury, front center, shows off his video project to Asaysha Hunter, 10 of Sunbury, left, Angelina Cartagena, 12 of Sunbury, obstructed, Justin Shuda, a teacher, back center, Kristy Whary, a staff member, right, and Zoey Ditty, 8 of Sunbury, far right, during the Box of Light afterschool program at Beck Elementary School in Sunbury on May 6, 2015.

Mike Sellers, of Beaver Springs, walks with a cross on Route 45 west towards Mifflinburg on April 3, 2015. Sellers, along with other members of the Christ Church of Beaver Springs, walked from Lewisburg to Beaver Springs with the cross.

David Brittingham, 17 of Sunbury, competes in the bullriding compitition during the PA High School Rodeo on January 10, 2015. Brittingham lasted 7.5 seconds on the bull, the longest duration of the afternoon.

Aiden Everhart, 9, along with others hops over the gate during the Pine Mudder in Northumberland on June 29, 2014.

Olivia Fahrenkrog, 8 of Virginia, and Mikayla Chioye, 6 of Maryland, laugh together on the swings at the Lewisburg Area Recreational Park.

A plunger emerges from his second dunk in the Susquehanna River during the Polar Bear Plunge at St. George Street landing in Lewisburg on February 1, 2014.

Timothy Grubbs, 5 of Sunbury, and Jacob Yeager, 10 of Sunbury, ride the carpet ride at the Good Will Hose Co Carnival in Sunbury on July 15, 2014.

Jimmy Styer, 4 of Danville, peddles his way through the crowd towing his brother Henry, 1, during the annual Spring Fling event on May 3, 2014 in Danville.

Sylvia Yaron, 4 of Stillwater, looks up at the LOVE sculpture in Hufnagle Park in Lewisburg on January 31, 2014.

Members of the PA Elite Cheerleading Senior Level 5 team tumble across the floor during a practice in Winfield on April 16, 2014.

Patience Doone, 4 of Washingtonville, laughs while looking at her face painting as her twin Payton looks on during the annual Spring Fling fair on May 3, 2014 in Danville.

Kelsy and Austin Clark, of Selinsgrove, dance during the Hollywood Ball at the Campus Theatre in Lewisburg.

Avery Geffken, a kindergartener at St. Cyril Academy, admires the rosary given to her by the Sisters of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Danville.

Javon Grohol, 2 of Sunbury, jumps in the sprinklers at Oppenheimer Pleasure Grounds during Family Fun Night in Sunbury.

Miranda Metzger, 12 of New Columbia, tries to swallow during the Watermelon Eating Contest at the Old Fashioned Summer Celebration at R.B.Winter State Park.

Taylor Haas, 9 of Danville, participates in the kid's pie eating contest at Pumpkin Palooza in Danville on October 27, 2012. Londyn Wesman, 10 of Danville, not pictured, won the contest by eating two pieces of pie the fastest.

Over two thousand rubber ducks float down the Susquehanna River for the Charity Duck Derby in Danville.

An angler fishes below the Adam T Bower Memorial Dam in Sunbury.

Porter Fern, 3 of Mifflinburg, eats strawberry ice cream during the Mayfest & Winefest in Mifflinburg.

Alison Tomko, of Selinsgrove, grabs strip of the belt of a runner during the Zombie Run at the Selinsgrove Kidsgrove on April 20, 2013. The goal of the 5K was to get through all the zombies on the course and have at least one strip remaining on your belt.

Head Football Coach Joe Paterno and Assisstant Coach Mike McQueary stand on the field during practice on November 8, 2011. Paterno was fired the next night, this was his second to last practice with the team.

Patty Clement, of Selinsgrove, participates in the keg toss at the Sunbury Social Club's Oktoberfest on Packer Island.

Samantha Kennedy, 10, right, measures the size of the bubble blown by Alaina Gordner, of Bloomsburg, left, while Coral Gordner, 11, far right, blows a bubble during the Liberty Valley Intermediate School Science Fair.

Nadine Kofman, the widow of former Mayor Bill Welch, cries after the ceremony dedicating the plaza outside the State College Municipal Building as the Mayor Welch Plaza.

Dan Itle, a home delivery milkman for Vale Woods Farm, places milk into a customers refrigerator outside of State College.

THON child Charlie Beecher leans against his mother while his father tells their story during Family Hour at THON 2012 in State College.

Mary Lou Houtz, the Queen Mamma of the "Rail Clickers and Street Spitters" chapter of the Red Hat Society, laughs with Chrissey Motter, of Blanchard, outside of Governor's Pub in Bellefonte.

Cade Auman, 9 of Northumberland, slides around the new bowl slide at Liberty Splashland in Northumberland.

Liam Zwatty, 3 of Sunbury, looks back at his sister Elliana, 7, after the two raced down a hill at the Sunbury Middle School on their sleds.

Liam eats pancakes during the Maple Harvest Festival at Shavers Creek Environmental Center outside of State College.

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